Who We Are

We are a team of friends who wanted to do something new and for ourselves. We wanted to disrupt an industry through the creativity and enthusiasm that only comes from the ambition of wanting to enter a community with a bang. So here we are, we look at what is wrong with how things are currently done and wonder if things have to stay the way they are. Nine times out of ten they dont, that other one time out of ten? We already improved on it. If you would like to find out more about us, you can email us or follow us on social media.

We are a uniquely young and still experienced team regarding the modern tech and startup world. Memebers of our team have worked along side early stage startups, charities and businesses with an extensive range of technical skills and business understanding. From our own business ventures and our exploration of our own start-up businesses and publications we understand what you and your emerging or established business needs.

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